Additional resources

Resources for training implementers

Are you responsible for planning and implementing your organization’s accessibility training requirements? The following resources are provided to assist you.

Guide for training implementers

The guide for training implementers offers practical information and tips.

Certificate templates to keep track of training

Downloading the modules for your learning management system

Download individual or all the modules for your Learning Management System and get steps to install the modules.

Downloadable versions of the introductory videos for presentations

Download the short introductory videos from the modules to use in group presentations.

Additional resources for training

Training booklets for small organizations

For small organizations with 1-49 employees. If you prefer not to use the training modules, you have the option of using these training booklets to complete your required training.

Resources for training on the Ontario Human Rights Code

Employee must train on the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC). The Ontario Human Rights Commission offers helpful resources for this training.

Glossary of terms

The Glossary of terms from the training modules.


The Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation contains Ontario’s accessibility requirements.

Guide to the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation requirements.

The Government of Ontario website provides up-to-date information on Ontario’s accessibility laws.